Brian Hooks

Brian Hooks

  • Former Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer

Brian Hooks was the executive director and chief operating officer at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He led strategy and oversees all programs and operations for the organization.

The Mercatus Center plays a unique role within the academy and within the world of public policy. Mr. Hooks’ role is to ensure that Mercatus remains a dynamic and effective organization that advances an understanding about how markets work to improve people’s lives, and applies that knowledge to solve problems in public policy. Mercatus is also a leading source of new talent for the academy and public policy organizations. Mercatus graduate student programs are at the heart of what Mercatus does, and Mr. Hooks works to ensure that Mercatus faculty and staff have the tools they need so these programs continue to provide more and more students with a world-class education in the theory and practice of market-based economics. Mercatus’s work is made possible by thousands of committed individuals, foundations, and businesses. As executive director, Mr. Hooks is responsible for maintaining the trust that Mercatus contributors put in the organization and seeing that Mercatus is always a good steward of these investments.

Prior to serving in this role, Mr. Hooks was director of the Global Prosperity Initiative, Social Change Project, and Enterprise Africa at Mercatus, three programs he helped develop. These programs focus on building an academic network to address problems of economic development and social progress in the U.S. and abroad. They then work with policy makers in executive agencies and Congress to apply the ideas developed at Mercatus to improve public policy.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Mr. Hooks lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and daughter.


Brian Hooks


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