Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Call for Papers
The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is pleased to announce an open call for papers for our ongoing series of Mercatus Working Papers. All Mercatus Working Papers are double-blind peer reviewed and must meet rigorous scholarly and editorial standards. Submissions should include policy-focused research and scholarship related to one of the following topics:

Government Spending & Budgeting
Issues of taxation, entitlements, budget process, and the effects of government spending, deficit, and debt on economic growth and prosperity. Please send submissions to Meg Patrick.

• Regulation & Regulatory-Process Reform
Subjects related to the benefits, costs, and effectiveness of regulation. Areas of particular interest include: health & safety, financial markets, technology policy, and regulatory-process reform. Please send submissions to James Broughel.

• State & Local Policy
Research on public sector pensions, state and local tax and budget policy, regulations, and institutional reform. Please send submissions to Emily Washington.

Financial Markets
Policy-focused research and scholarship analyzing the effects of financial regulations. Areas of interest include bankruptcy, consumer protection, corporate governance, capital requirements, entrepreneurial and innovation financing, and housing policy. Papers may examine these subjects at the local, state, and/or federal level(s). Please send submissions to Ben Klutsey.

• Monetary Policy
Research assessing the role of monetary policy and reforms to current tools and approaches employed by central banks. Papers may analyze institutional reforms of central banking and nominal GDP targeting. Please send submissions to Ben Klutsey.

• Technology Policy
Research related broadly to dynamism and regulation of the Internet, spectrum reform, privacy & data collection, broadband regulation, and universal service reform. Please send submissions to Andrea Castillo.

• Health Care
Exploring issues of health care coverage, cost, access, and impediments to innovation. Please send submissions to Leck Shannon.


Requests for Proposals
In addition to the “call for papers,” Mercatus seeks specific requests for proposals for the following discrete research projects. 

I. Market-Based Healthcare Solutions
The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is seeking proposals to develop positive, market-oriented policy reforms to the healthcare system in the United States that would render it more efficient, less costly, and more consumer focused. Please send submissions to Angela Kuck.

II. State Fiscal Diagnostic Studies
The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is seeking proposals to develop a thorough understanding of state or regional institutions that underlie policy decisions. These studies will rely on the tools of institutional analysis and public choice economics to develop reform recommendations with the potential to create lasting fiscal sustainable. Please send inquiries to Emily Washington.

Proposal Parameters
Proposals should include a description of the methodological approach, timeline for production, proposed data sources, and resources necessary for completion of the project.  Each proposal should be accompanied by the names and curriculum vita of lead and/or contributing author(s).

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