Daniel M. Rothschild

Daniel M. Rothschild

Daniel Rothschild was the managing director of the State and Local Policy Project at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He coordinated the Mercatus Center's research on state and local economic policy and directed the Gulf Coast Recovery Project. Previously, he managed international economic development programs at the Mercatus Center.

A relative rarity in Washington, Rothschild was born in our nation’s capital and grew up in Houston. His popular writing and articles and reviews have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Reason, Slate, the Chicago Policy Review, the Michigan Journal of Public Affairs, and Economic Affairs. He has appeared on television and radio in the United States and abroad discussing Mercatus research and its application to current policy debates.

Prior to joining Mercatus, Rothschild was an Eben Tisdale Fellow in Washington, DC. He received his B.A. in history from Grinnell College, his M.A. in modern British history from the University of Manchester, and his M.P.P. from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.

Published Research

Maurice P. McTigue, Daniel M. Rothschild | Mar 04, 2011
In this article, Daniel Rothschild and Maurice McTigue discuss what factors lead to successful government streamlining commissions.
Daniel M. Rothschild, Emily Chamlee-Wright, Jennifer Zambone, Jerry Brito, Lenore Ealy, Veronique de Rugy, Virgil Storr, Peter J. Boettke, Roxanne Alvarez | Aug 2009
This issue of Local Knowledge focuses on the role of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs in rebuilding the Gulf Coast. In this issue you can read research articles that explain what social…
Bruce Yandle, Daniel M. Rothschild, Daniel Sutter, Frederic Sautet, Peter J. Boettke, Steven Horwitz, Tim Roemer, Veronique de Rugy, | Jul 29, 2008
This issue of Local Knowledge focuses on the role of entrepreneurs in rebuilding the Gulf Coast. In this issue you can read research articles that explain what entrepreneurship is; that…
Daniel M. Rothschild, Emily Chamlee-Wright | Jan 15, 2007
This Policy Comment looks at the ways in which public policy has had negative unintended consequences on the ability of communities to make informed decisions about sustainable rebuilding after…

Working Papers

Policy Briefs

Daniel M. Rothschild | Jun 01, 2011
This Mercatus on Policy examines how federal, state, and local governments levy disproportionately high taxes on cell phone service plans.
Daniel M. Rothschild | Jan 18, 2011
This Mercatus on Policy paper shares eleven bold reform ideas that could help states balance their 2012 budgets and avoid boom-and-bust budgeting cycles in the future.
Maurice P. McTigue, Daniel M. Rothschild | May 18, 2010
This paper presents a toolkit of seven ideas and procedures for state policy makers to evaluate budget shortfalls and find opportunities for reform. Drawing on domestic and international experiences,…
Daniel M. Rothschild, Emily Washington | Jan 25, 2010
The Federal Government's recent "stimulus" package allocated $140 billion to help states' budgets, but it hasn't been nearly enough to prop up the unsustainable spending states are engaged in.

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