David Prychitko

David Prychitko

  • Professor of Economics, Northern Michigan University

David Prychitko is professor of economics at Northern Michigan University, where his teaching interests include the American economy, constitutional political economy, and the history of economic thought.

Prior to joining the faculty at Northern Michigan University, Dr. Prychitko was an assistant professor of economics at SUNY - Oswego. He was also a visiting junior fellow at the Program on Participation and Labor-Managed Systems at Cornell University in 1988, and a Fulbright Grant recipient in Zagreb, Croatia in 1989. Dr. Prychitko has published widely on Austrian economics and market process theory, comparative systems, and economic thought and methodology. His recent edited books include Market Process Theories (co-edited with Peter Boettke) and Why Economists Disagree: An Introduction to the Alternative Schools of Thought.

Dr. Prychitko earned his PhD in economics from George Mason University and his BS in economics from Northern Michigan University.

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David Prychitko

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Peter J. Boettke, David Prychitko,, Paul Heyne | Jul 2013
Teach your students how to think like economists. The Economic Way of Thinking goes beyond explaining the basic principles of micro- and macroeconomic analysis by showing students a method of reasoning that teaches them how to apply these principles as tools. The authors expose students to a method of reasoning that makes them think like an economist through example and application and also shows them how not to think, by exposing errors in popular economic reasoning.
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