Keynes vs. Hayek Round 2: The "Fight of the Century"

Keynes vs. Hayek Round 2: The "Fight of the Century"

Keynes vs. Hayek Round 2: The "Fight of the Century"

Economic Rap Video from EconStories.TV

The wedding of the century may not be until Friday, but you can catch the “Fight of the Century” between famed economists John Maynard Keynes and F.A. Hayek today, April 28, as releases its sequel to the economic rap video, “Fear the Boom and Bust.” 

Last year the video went viral with more than 3 million total views on YouTube worldwide, and it is now being used in classrooms all over the nation to teach kids about economics. 

“We're trying to tackle the challenge of learning economics from a new direction, integrating strong visual storytelling and compelling production value,” said co-creator and producer of the video, John Papola. “It's not good enough to present the ideas—you’ve got to make them stick.” 

As the White House and Congress debate the best ways to improve our economic situation, these videos challenge the historical methods used to solve economic problems. 

“The new video offers a debate on the practical and philosophical issues surrounding government spending. Does government spending speed up or slow down the recovery? Both Keynes and Hayek use the historical record on government spending to make their arguments,” said co-creator and economist Russell Roberts of George Mason University. “The philosophical debate is over whether government should be bigger or smaller--should prosperity be steered from the top down or is it best for it to emerge from the bottom-up through individual choice.” 

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