Frederic Sautet

Frederic Sautet

  • Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, the Catholic University of America

Dr. Frederic Sautet is a former senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He is also the former senior editor of the Mercatus Policy Series. In addition to his role at Mercatus, Dr. Sautet was adjunct professor of economics in the MA program at George Mason University. He is currently Visiting Associate Professor of Economics at The Catholic University of America.

Published Research

Eileen Norcross, Frederic Sautet | Sep 2009
New Jersey entered the current recession in a weakened fiscal and economic condition. The current recession is severe, but this fiscal dilemma is not new. The state has experienced structural…
Frederic Sautet | Sep 08, 2008
This paper provides a brief view of growth and social change taken from the perspective of the entrepreneurial process and Austrian Austrian economics in order to establish the following chain of argument.
Frederic Sautet, Pierre Desrochers | Aug 29, 2008
Regional economic development policy is recognized as a key tool governments use to foster economic prosperity. Whether specialization (or diversity) of economic activities should be a regional development policy goal is often debated.
Frederic Sautet, Pierre Desrochers, Gert-Jan Hospers | Aug 29, 2008
This paper critically assesses the relationship between geographical clustering and public policy. With the help of a range of theoretical insights and case study examples we show that cluster policy…

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Emily Hamilton, Frederic Sautet | Oct 2009
In the public sector, no tool adjusts spending to changing conditions. In the current recession, many states have decreased revenues, but little decreased spending has been seen. This pattern raises…
Eileen Norcross, Frederic Sautet | Jan 2009
Instead of attempting a short-term fix of amplifying the grant system through an emergency stimulus package, the federal government should work to make state and local governments accountable for…
Eileen Norcross, Frederic Sautet | Jan 2009
While America’s infrastructure may indeed need improvement, public spending is not the best way to fix it. Our infrastructure needs more than just a physical overhaul. It needs to move from an…
Eileen Norcross, Frederic Sautet | Dec 2008
Fear of a deep recession has led policy makers to propose an unprecedented stimulus package to save the economy, a sort of Main Street economic recovery package that would rely heavily on…

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Frederic Sautet

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Peter J. Boettke, Frederic Sautet | Apr 01, 2013
First published in 1973, Competition and Entrepreneurship defined Israel M. Kirzner’s unique contribution to the economics profession. This volume, in print without interruption since the date of its first publication, provides a thorough critique of contemporary price theory, an essay on the theory of entrepreneurship, and an essay on the theory of competition, offering a new appraisal of quality competition, of selling effort, and of the fundamental weaknesses of contemporary welfare economics.
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