Lenore Ealy

Lenore Ealy

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Lenore Ealy is a Mercatus Center network scholar and president of Thinkitecture, Inc., a consultancy engaged in understanding and promoting the transformative work of philanthropy and the voluntary sector in America and around the globe. Dr. Ealy provides support to entrepreneurs and executives in the arenas of philanthropy, public policy and education, helping them to design, implement, and capitalize a wide variety of programs and initiatives. She also provides philanthropic advising services, helping donors assess their giving opportunities and align them with their personal goals and values.

Dr. Ealy currently serves as director of The Project for New Philanthropy Studies at DonorsTrust and is the founding editor of Conversations on Philanthropy (launched in 2004), a semi-annual journal that explores the role of philanthropy in a free society.

Dr. Ealy earned a PhD in the history of moral and political thought from Johns Hopkins University and has taught at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. She earned a MA degree in history from the University of Alabama and a BS degree in education from Auburn University.

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