Colorado Slips in Freedom Index


Grand Junction Free Press

Colorado Slips in Freedom Index

Jason Sorens, William Ruger | Jun 24, 2011

The “Freedom in the 50 States” study was featured in the Grand Junction Free Press, observing Colorado’s drop in the freedom index.

The state rankings come from a new report from the Mercatus Center, “Freedom In the 50 States.” Broadly, the study finds that “Americans are voting with their feet and moving to states with more economic and personal freedom and that economic freedom correlates with income growth.” For example, Jay Ambrose noted that the “deficit-slaughtering, budget- cutting, seriously limited government in Texas” (ranked fourteenth by Mercatus) “has added 730,000 jobs in the past decade.” Meanwhile, California, ranked 48th, has lost 600,000 jobs. Guess what: economic liberty promotes prosperity, while controls and high taxes threaten it.

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