Nick Tuszynski

Nick Tuszynski

Nick Tuszynski was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  After high-school, he received a basketball scholarship at Loyola University of New Orleans.  At Loyola, Nick graduated magna cum laude and was the recipient of the Dean’s Honor Award in the Joseph A. Butt School of Business.  During his tenure at Loyola, he took classes with Dr. Walter Block and Dr. Dan D’Amico which led to his interest in free-market ideas.  In the summer of 2009, Nick interned as a Koch Summer Fellow which inspired him to become more involved in economics and public policy.  Nick also interned at the Department of Transportation in the Office of the Secretary as a policy analyst.  Nick’s areas of interest are economics and public policy, infrastructure development, and public-private partnerships. He currently works as an Associate at Hudson Advisors, L.P. Previously, he was the Director of Financial Planning and Budget at the Export-Import Bank and a Financial Specialist as a member of the Presidential Management Fellows Program at the Export-Import Bank. 

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