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Capitol Hill Campus - Recent Events


Bruce Yandle is a distinguished Mercatus Center adjunct professor of economics at George Mason University. He specializes in public choice, regulation, and free-market environmentalism.
Garett Jones is a senior scholar and BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism at the Mercatus Center and an associate professor of economics at George Mason University. He specializes in macroeconomics, monetary economics, and the microfoundations of economic growth.
Veronique de Rugy is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Her primary research interests include the US economy, the federal budget, homeland security, taxation, tax competition, and financial privacy. Her popular weekly charts, published by the Mercatus Center, address economic issues ranging from lessons on creating sustainable economic growth to the implications of government tax and fiscal policies. She has testified numerous times in front of Congress on the effects of fiscal stimulus, debt and deficits, and regulation on the economy.


Bruce Yandle | October 10, 2014
What do GDP reports really tell us? What does economic freedom have to do with job growth? This presentation: Examines GDP data and the implications for the years ahead; Reviews economic indicators; Looks at unemployment numbers across the fifty states; and Discusses US manufacturing performance.


Bruce Yandle | June 21, 2013
Capitol Hill Campus: Dr. Yandle's Quarterly Economic Report: The Mid Year Economy

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Recent Events

Veronique de Rugy | November 13, 2014
The Mercatus Center at George Mason University invites you to join senior research fellow, Veronique de Rugy, for a discussion about what Washington's handling of the Ex-Im Bank will reveal about its intent to reduce special-interest handouts.
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