Budget FY 2012

Budget FY 2012


Veronique de Rugy, Jason J. Fichtner | May 26, 2011
While the United States should not default on its debt, neither should Congress raise the debt ceiling without addressing the problem that created the debt: excessive spending.
David R. Henderson, Jerrod Anderson | May 05, 2011
This paper examines the reforms made by Canada in the mid-1990s to cut their deficit and federal debt and the lessons the US can learn from their experience.
Veronique de Rugy, Jason J. Fichtner | Apr 28, 2011
This paper takes a detailed look at the facts behind raising the debt ceiling.
Margaret Polski | Mar 02, 2011
This paper analyzes the differences among estimates of the U.S. public debt and argues that modeling innovations are needed to improve public financial policy making and administrative management.
David M. Primo | Sep 28, 2010
The United States faces severe fiscal challenges that can no longer be ignored. Entitlement spending, especially Medicare, is a ticking time bomb that must be defused. Increasing deficits and a…
Veronique de Rugy | Jun 15, 2010
For every attempt to cap government spending by regulation or statute, lawmakers seem to find new and creative accounting techniques that allow them to continue spending recklessly. In fact, there is…

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Sep 28, 2012

At the edge of the fiscal cliff, policymakers and pundits are looking for answers to the question about what to do on Jan. 2, 2013. On that day, barring action by Congress, taxes -- such as the personal income, payroll, capital gains and estate taxes -- are scheduled to go up by a significant amount. Federal spending is also set to be cut, through automatic across-the-board reductions (sequestration).
Mar 20, 2012

Mercatus Center scholars respond to House Republicans’ budget release.
Feb 13, 2012

Matt Mitchell discusses the president's vision for the future…
Feb 13, 2012

Mercatus scholars comment on the president's FY2012 budget proposal.
Feb 13, 2012

Mercatus Center scholars identify key tests to help assess whether the president’s budget is a serious plan--or just more ‘magic beans.’…
Feb 10, 2012

The president will present his budget to Congress. Here’s a snapshot of what Mercatus economists are saying.


In these charts, Veronique de Rugy examines the impact that the president's FY2013 budget would have on government spending.



Antony Davies | December 28, 2012
Antony Davies discusses the Fiscal Cliff on KDKA Radio.

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Please join the Mercatus Center at George Mason University’s Capitol Hill Campus for a discussion on the president’s and Congress’s fiscal year 2014 budget proposals—and whether any of the proposals adequately address the nation’s long-term budget challenges.

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Veronique de Rugy | Jun 29, 2012
Veronique de Rugy discusses the consequences of the Supreme Court healthcare decision.
Jason J. Fichtner, Eileen Norcross | Jun 15, 2012
Jason Fichtner and Eileen Norcross discuss a transportation bill that may change how private corporations calculate their annual pension contributions.
Charles Blahous | Jun 14, 2012
Charles Blahous comments on President Obama's recent statement that state and local governments are the prime source of weakness in the economy.
Charles Blahous | May 01, 2012
Chuck Blahous co-authors this op/ed about ACA double-counting.
Veronique de Rugy | Apr 26, 2012
Veronique de Rugy explains teh implications of letting Social Security continue to be run as business-as-usual.
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