Development Planning and Policy

Development Planning and Policy


John Nye | Jun 21, 2011
This essay uses the Philippines as a case study to suggest what is wrong with leading development prescriptions.
Peter Leeson, David Skarbek | Apr 26, 2011
Leeson and Skarbeck respond to Gustav Ranis' main objections to their article previously published in the Cato Journal.
Jack Goldstone | Feb 18, 2011
The last decade has seen the arrival of emerging markets, and investors and pundits alike have shown unbounded excitement about the BRICs—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—as the new sources of the world’s economic growth. However, a focus on the BRICs is already out of date. In half of these countries, demographic patterns have shifted, and the future of the world’s growth now looks set to come from a different set of emerging economies, the TIMBIs: Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, and India.
Christopher Coyne,, Rachel Mathers | Jul 01, 2010
The fatal conceit is the assumption that the world can be shaped according to human desires. This chapter argues that the logic of the fatal conceit can be applied to foreign interventions which go beyond the limits of what can be rationally constructed by reason alone. The characteristics outlined in this paper explain why interventions extending beyond the limits of what can be rationally constructed tend to fail.
Karol Boudreaux | Mar 08, 2010
As a result of a very long history of discriminatory legislation, black South Africans suffered substantial harms at the hands of past governments. Following the political transition in 1994, the new…
Daniel Sacks | Dec 01, 2009
In his latest book, Wars, Guns and Votes, Oxford development economist Paul Collier makes the case for the use of military intervention in developing countries. However, Collier’s call for…

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Enterprise Africa lead researcher Karol Boudreaux will be speaking at American University on the importance of microfinance for development, as well as its drawbacks and limits.


Christopher Coyne, Peter Leeson | Sep 15, 2009
Media, Development, and Institutional Change investigates mass media’s profound ability to affect institutional change and economic development.

Media Clippings

Jack Goldstone | Sep 06, 2012
Jack Goldstone quoted discussing the Eurozone.
Jerry Brito, Adam Thierer | Jun 19, 2012
Jerry Brito and Adam Thierer discuss U.S. and UN regulations on the internet.
Maurice P. McTigue | Apr 11, 2012
Maurice McTigue is quotes extensively in this article about a Kansas economic development conference.
Benjamin J. VanMetre, Karol Boudreaux | Mar 15, 2011
Karol Boudreaux and Benjamin VanMetre penned an article for the free market foundation on the economic growth of Mauritius.
Karol Boudreaux | Jan 08, 2011
Karol Boudreaux's op-ed in the Deseret News is about the importance of securing property rights in developing countries.
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