Property Rights & Land Titling

Property Rights & Land Titling


John Nye | Jun 21, 2011
This essay uses the Philippines as a case study to suggest what is wrong with leading development prescriptions.
Karol Boudreaux | May 12, 2010
This paper analyzes the recent transformation of Rwanda’s coffee sector. It begins with a brief discussion of the history of coffee production in Rwanda, then focuses on government efforts since the…
Karol Boudreaux | Mar 08, 2010
As a result of a very long history of discriminatory legislation, black South Africans suffered substantial harms at the hands of past governments. Following the political transition in 1994, the new…
Karol Boudreaux | Oct 2009
In his 1976 work Law, Legislation and Liberty, F.A. Hayek discusses the concept of social justice, pursued by redistributing resources acquired through an unplanned and impersonal market order, to…
Daniel Sacks, Karol Boudreaux | Sep 2009
In mid-July, the G-8 nations announced a $20 billion commitment to help farmers in developing countries increase their food production. Although these efforts are intended to increase food supplies and agricultural productivity over the short run, long-term institutional change is needed to help farmers improve output beyond one or two seasons.
Karol Boudreaux, Adam Aft | Jan 15, 2009
In this law review, Enterprise Africa lead researcher Karol Boudreaux and George Mason law student Adam Aft highlight the problem of decreasing productivity among subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan…

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This course will examine the impact of property law and governance practices on human rights and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa, and key legal issues that should be considered when…


Karol Boudreaux | Apr 14, 2008
Fair access to property rights goes way beyond their role as economic assets. Secure and accessible property rights provide a sense of identity, dignity, and belonging to people of very different…

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Karol Boudreaux | Jan 08, 2011
Karol Boudreaux's op-ed in the Deseret News is about the importance of securing property rights in developing countries.
Russell Roberts | Nov 25, 2010
Russ Roberts is a guest on FBN’s Stossel explaining how property rights affected the Pilgrims.
Peter Leeson | May 08, 2010
Peter Leeson discusses the economics and incentives inherent in the history of piracy in this Financial Times article.
Karol Boudreaux | Jun 27, 2006
Karol Boudreaux | Jun 07, 2006
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