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Feb 28, 2013

Federal regulators are still struggling to finalize the long-awaited Volcker rule—a component of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 that prohibits banks from engaging in proprietary trading and limits their investment in hedge funds. Now it’s being reported that the final rule won’t be ready until the second half of this year, creating more uncertainty for the private sector.
Jan 29, 2013

New mortgage rules released by the CFPB show why heightened oversight is necessary.
Aug 29, 2012

The sale of the securities in Maiden Lane III, which was just one small part of the AIG rescue, is not a cause for celebration to the taxpayers who subsidized it. The $6.6 billion gain from these sales looks less than impressive when the full cost to taxpayers considered.
Aug 02, 2012

Government regulators - which were complicit in trying to make financial institutions appear healthier than they were during the crisis - are not the right folks to be fixing LIBOR. If the British Bankers Association can't solve the problems with LIBOR, the markets will turn to substitute benchmarks.
Apr 27, 2012

The newly confirmed Special Inspector General for TARP, Christy Romero, published the latest quarterly report on TARP this week. The tone of the report is markedly different from the victory lap that Treasury ran earlier this month. The report opens with the stinging reminder that “[i]t is a widely held misconception that TARP will make a profit.” To put it mildly, the SIGTARP is not taking part in Treasury’s premature TARP celebration.
Apr 18, 2012

The Treasury Department has released its latest effort to persuade us all of the merits of the financial crisis bailouts. 19 colorful charts tell the story of the crisis, the government’s response, and the current state of the economy, but the picture is not nearly as pretty as Treasury’s optimistic rendition would have us believe.


Media Clippings

Matthew Mitchell | Jul 12, 2012
"The Pathology of Privilege: The Economic Consequences of Government Favoritism" by Matthew Mitchell is cited in Real Clear Markets.
Garett Jones | Jun 26, 2012
Garett Jones quoted from his CNBC Asia’s “Squawk Box” interview discussing the future practice of bank bailouts.
Lawrence H. White | Jun 18, 2012
The Washington Times book review on Lawrence White's book, "The Clash of Economic Ideas".
Todd Zywicki | Jun 13, 2012
Todd Zywicki discusses the United Auto Workers bailout and what would have been a better alternative.
| Apr 05, 2012
Anthony Sanders is quoted on the moral hazard associated with principal reductions on mortgages in this MSN Money article.
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