Scott Beaulier

Scott Beaulier

  • Academic Dean, College of Business at North Dakota State University

Scott Beaulier is the Academic Dean for the College of Business at North Dakota State University.

He has published widely, and most of his work focuses on Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, and Political Economy. His op-eds have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and he also writes regularly for the Birmingham News, which is Alabama’s largest newspaper.

Before coming to  North Dakota State University, he was the Executive Director of Arizona State University's new Center for Economic Liberty within the W.P. Carey School of Business, Executive Director of Troy University's Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy, and the Adam's Bibby Chair of Free Enterprise. He was also an Associate Professor of Economics at Troy University and a Department Chair of Economics at Mercer University. He completed his Ph.D. work at George Mason University in 2004.

Published Research

Scott Beaulier, Daniel J. Smith | Oct 2015
One of the lingering questions for development economists is that of economic transition and whether development can be promoted by a strong political leader. Earlier writings on leadership and economic development tend to fall into one of two camps: (1) leaders matter and can contribute positively to economic growth, or (2) leaders seldom have positive effects and, at best, can avoid doing a great deal of harm. This article establishes a third option—a middle-ground position—between these two views.
Scott Beaulier, Peter J. Boettke | Aug 05, 2011
This policy brief discusses the United States' ongoing cycle of debt and deficits.
Bryan Caplan, Scott Beaulier | Nov 2007
Critics often argue that government poverty programs perversely make the poor worse off by encouraging unemployment, out-of-wedlock births, and other ‘social pathologies.’ However, basic…
Scott Beaulier, J. Robert Subrick | Jun 01, 2006
Unlike many of its fellow sub-Saharan countries, Botswana has avoided the African Growth Tragedy. The success lied in the ability of the government of Botswana to successfully adopt growth-enhancing…

Working Papers

George R. Crowley, Scott Beaulier | Nov 18, 2014
We find that union political contributions and collective bargaining are associated with higher incomes for state and local employees and with higher public employment, both across state and local government overall as well as within the education sector. We also find little to no evidence that union activity influences total spending.
Scott Beaulier, Brandon Pizzola | Feb 13, 2012
This paper looks at the recent growth in Medicaid spending and attempts to explain Medicaid reform successes and failures by focusing on five reform experiences in Rhode Island, Washington, Florida, Idaho, and Tennessee.
Scott Beaulier | Sep 26, 2011
This paper explores the current state of public pensions across the United States and addresses transition cost and capital flight concerns.
Scott Beaulier | Mar 2005
This paper is an attempt to set the record straight on the evidence for and against shock therapy. It is not an attempt to address the overall debate on shock therapy versus gradualism. This working…

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