Susan Dudley

Susan Dudley

  • Director, George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center
  • Research Professor, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration at George Washington University

Susan Dudley directs the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center and is a Research Professor in the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration. She founded the Center in 2009 to bring high quality academic research to bear on regulatory policy. The Regulatory Studies Center provides serious research on current regulatory issues in a timely way, educates the next generation of policy makers and scholars, and engage policy officials and opinion leaders with solid, independent, and persuasive reasoning.

As the Presidentially-appointed Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget from April 2007 through January 2009, Professor Dudley was responsible for the review of draft executive branch regulations under Executive Order 12866, the collection of federal-government-wide information under the Paperwork Reduction Act, the development and implementation of government-wide policies in the areas of information policy, privacy, and statistical policy, and international regulatory cooperation efforts. Prior to OIRA, she directed the Regulatory Studies Program at the non-profit Mercatus Center at George Mason University, where she also taught courses on regulation. Earlier in her career, Ms. Dudley served as an economist at OIRA, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Published Research

Susan Dudley, Andrew Morriss | Jun 01, 2006
This journal article examines the history of human exposure to silica, the second most common element on earth. Susan Dudley and Andrew P. Morris explore the problem of categorizing substances for…
Susan Dudley | May 11, 2006
Spending by federal regulatory agencies is scheduled to decline when adjusted for inflation according to “Moderating Regulatory Growth: An Analysis of the U.S. Budget for Fiscal Years 2006 and…
Susan Dudley | Dec 06, 2005
The "Primer on Regulation" provides an overview of regulation, from theoretical issues of why we see regulation where we do, to analytical questions of how to write a good…
Susan Dudley | Dec 01, 2005
This Missouri Environmental Law and Policy Review article suggests that EPA take stock of the Toxic Release Inventory and evaluate ways to make it more effective at providing communities with…

Working Papers

Susan Dudley | Jun 2005
The 27th annual Regulators’ Budget report, Upward Trend in Regulation Continues: An Analysis of the U.S. Budget for Fiscal Years 2005 and 2006, examines the Budget of the U.S. Government to track the…
Susan Dudley | Jun 2005
This working paper examines how the U.S. eRulemaking initiative offers new and expanding opportunities for the public to get involved in the regulatory…
Susan Dudley | Jul 2004
Susan Dudley | Jul 2003
The administrative costs of federal regulation are budgeted to reach an all-time high of $30.1 billion in 2003, as more money is devoted to the environment, transportation security, and securities…

Policy Briefs

Testimony & Comments

Susan Dudley | Jun 20, 2005
This comment analyzes the Office of Management and Budget's 2005 "Benefit-Cost Report to…
Susan Dudley | Apr 25, 2005
This comment is a reply to the EPA's response to a Mercatus comment on the "Willingness to Pay Survey: Phase III Cooling Water Intake…
Susan Dudley | Jan 31, 2005
This comment examines EPA's proposed regulations on Agency information collection activities (Phase III Cooling Water Intake…
Susan Dudley, Randy Simmons, | Aug 03, 2004
This comment analyzes the Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) proposed rule to re-issue its Permit Revocation…

Speeches & Presentations

Media Clippings

Jerry Brito, Susan Dudley | Aug 17, 2012
Outlet: National Review Online
Susan Dudley | Jul 06, 2006
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Susan Dudley | Jan 19, 2006
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Susan Dudley | Sep 27, 2005
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Susan Dudley


Susan Dudley, Jerry Brito | Aug 14, 2012
Federal regulations affect nearly every area of our lives and interest in them is increasing. However, many people have no idea how regulations are developed or how they impact our lives. Regulation: A Primer by Susan Dudley and Jerry Brito provides an accessible overview of regulatory theory, analysis, and practice.


Richard Williams, Susan Dudley | March 02, 2011
At this half-day conference, policy makers, prominent regulatory scholars, and former regulators discussed these questions from the perspective of the economic impact of regulation—from the national level to the costs regulations impose on average people.
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